Terms of Use

Due to the administrative rights of the www.scholaranswer.com and its management hereinafter known as the SITE OWNER, ADMINISTRATOR or the WEBSITE, the following terms shall apply inadvertently to any and all users of any and all offered services of the website and its allied organizations.

Content and viewable information:

The content, displayed questions, submitted information and particulars regarding delivery shall be considered the sole property of the site owner and any reuse, replication or replicated usage including but not limited to electronic, printed or other formats without prior and express permission from the administrator or the designated authority hence of shall lead to immediate and imminent discard of any contract in existence or agreed upon and further legal proceedings may ensue per the site owner’s discretion. Exceptions shall be exercised to the above clause for the purpose of personal storage, PR needs and contracted tasks to designated parties per the decision of the administrator.

Agreement to non commercial usage:

As the policy of the website dictates the usage of any information viewed or gained from the website or related deliveries shall be for the explicit purpose of personal and non commercial usage only. Any manner of payments, counter contracts or purchases shall not nullify this right of the site owner and shall be considered as an unlawful usage of the intellectual property of the site owner post and after a possible patent or equivalent registration if applicable.

Non Disclosure of information:

The shared information including but not limited to personal details, contact information, intellectual information, reference material and access keys such as login passwords shared during or prior to any service rendering shall be maintained confidential per the terms dictated by the privacy policy of the website. A similar owe of non disclosure is expected of contracted, permanent and temporary users of the website with access to any of the above stated information failure to which shall result in immediate disposal of services and payments as applicable by mutual agreement.

Payments and refunds:

The website does NOT collect any payment information including but not limited to credit/debit card details, bank or any other nature of payment account information or any login keys to the above stated at any point of time either on the site or through personal contact such as E-mail, telephone or Live Chat. The payments shall be and shall only be processed in a secure page belonging to the payment gateway and not the website. Any incident of an employee or a liaison asking for any such information must be duly reported to the administrator and the same action must not be encouraged by a partial or complete sharing of the requested information.

Any and all losses arising out of the above situation shall not be the liability of the website to any extent however, the necessary support shall be provided post to an internal action until cessation of employment or contract as applicable to the individual/s if requested for a legal filing against the stated individual/s.

Any payment made through proper channels in lieu of a current or future service of the website shall be taken within the authority of the payment team and any discrepancies arising due to a higher than expected payment by a numerical error or a negotiation to a lesser amount through another channel shall be decided upon a case to case basis. If the decision to return the excess is made, the to and fro processing charges shall be deducted post to the stated action.

A refund due to dissatisfaction of service shall be considered in full if and only if the task or deliverable paid for has not been initiated upon and no part or complete deliverables have been sent at any point of time during the agreed span of service or the deadline. All other scenarios shall be expected to resolve equivalent work compensations in an amicable fashion within the involved departments and the user with the advice from the payment department.

In case of a quality related discrepancy, the information must be provided with the due documents as requested by the payment department or the designated authority of the administrator to the satisfaction of the aforesaid. A proper analysis with the involvement of subject experts would be considered appropriate before a final decision. Alternatively a scanned grade sheet with the comments of the correctional authority for the deliverable shall be submitted for a quicker processing of the decision. In any case, minimal charges shall be held back for the service, basic expert payment and the payment processing charges to and fro before the final disclosure of the refundable amount.

With the due course of procedure, the processed refund shall be reflected within 5 to 7 business days from the date of mutual agreement to settle and to the same source that the payment has been initiated from.

Transfers of paid amounts will be allowed between known parties however the same shall not be possible for a compensated or refundable amount with a maximum cap of 50% of any amount paid.

Delivery & Quality Assurance:

All projects, tasks and services paid for shall be considered with care to deliver the agreed digitized solutions to the satisfaction of the client. The assurance on quality is termed on a minimalistic basis and is subject to the effort and inputs needed form the customer in terms of prompt response to expert queries and availability of materials needed or made available per applicable scenario.

The users can demand to view a draft or partial deliveries only upon completing the payment in full as agreed and having provided the complete information as requested by the expert. A minimum of 24 hours would be needed if informed post to payment and confirmation process while a 48 hour window would be needed for the same request being made any time post to the stated timeframe.


Any disputes arising in execution of the above said terms would be dealt with in any court of competent jurisdiction as preferred by the opponent subsequent to approval by the legal dept under the SITEOWNER.