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(Depletion Computations–Timber) Jonas Lumber Company owns a 7,350-acre tract of timber purchased in 2003 at a cost of $1,365 per acre. At the time of purchase the land was estimated to have a value of $315 per acre without the timber. Jonas Lumber Company has not logged this tract since it was purchased. In 2010, Jonas had the timber cruised. The cruise (appraiser) estimated that each acre contained 8,400 board feet of timber. In 2010, Jonas built 10 miles of roads at a cost of $8,820 per mile. After the roads were completed, Jonas logged and sold 3,675 trees containing 924,000 board feet. (a) Determine the cost of timber sold related to depletion for 2010. $ (b) If Jonas depreciates the logging roads on the basis of timber cut, determine the depreciation expense for 2010. $ (c) If Jonas plants five seedlings at a cost of $4 per seedling for each tree cut, how should Jonas treat the reforestation? Jonas should capitalize the cost of $

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