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J-Lo Company had a cash balance of $5,698 in its checking account on February 28, 2011.


The bank statement showed a balance of $5,219.


In comparing the two statements, the bookkeeper noted the following.


1. Four checks (#78, #90, #98 and #99)  totaling $984, had not yet cleared the bank.

2. One deposit-in-transit for $894 had not yet been recorded by the bank. It was deposited at the end of the day on February 28.

3. The bank charged a $20 monthly bank service fee.

4. One check from a customer had been deposited on September 24, for $392. However, the check was returned “NSF” by the bank, along with a $30 check processing fee.

5. The bookkeeper made a debit card withdrawal for $100 on February 19, but failed to record it in the check book.

6. Check # 93 was written in the amount of $196 to pay off an account payable, but was recorded as $169 in the checkbook.


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