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               IT240 week 4 Check Point: TCP/IP LAN Plan


Practice planning a network by completing questions 10, 17, 25, and 29 on pp. 268–269 of the text.

Select and explain each answer to each question in no less than 200 words each.

Additional Requirements: Annotate all references used for each question.


10. The Acme Corporation has been assigned the network ID The corporation’s eight departments require one subnet each. However, each department may grow to over 2500 hosts. Which subnet mask should you apply?





17. You are troubleshooting a workstation and find the following information:

IP address:

Subnet mask:

Default gateway:

DNS servers:,

Router’s IP address:

The workstation cannot get to the Internet. Why is this? (Choose two answers.)

a. The subnet mask is invalid for this network.

b. There can only be one IP address for DNS servers.

c. The IP address of the DNS should match the default gateway address.

d. The IP address of the workstation is wrong.

e. The default gateway should match the router’s address.

25. Which bits of a subnet mask correspond to the network ID?

a. The 1s

b. The 0s

c. Both

d. Neither

29. At one of your company’s remote locations, you have decided to segment your class B address down, since the location has three buildings and each building contains no more than 175 unique hosts. You want to make each building its own subnet, and you want to utilize your address space the best way possible. Which subnet mask meets your needs in this situation?





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