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Acc 211

Required Project


The following data and attached budget forms are for BrandX, Inc., for the month of February.  Wherever the letters AAA, BB or CCCC appear, use the first three, the 4th and 5th or the last four digits of your nine digit random number, respectively.  Round all computations to the nearest dollar.


  1. BrandX expects to sell 1C,CCC units of product (toy bears) at $45 per unit.
  2. BrandX wants to have 1,000 units of finished bears as ending inventory and will have 250 units of finished bears at the beginning of the month.
  3. Each bear requires 3 pounds of stuffing and 2 square yards of fabric.  Stuffing costs $5 per pound and fabric costs $4 per square yard.  BrandX desires to have 1,500 lbs of stuffing and 750 sq. yards of fabric in direct material ending inventory and will have 2,AAA lbs of stuffing and 5BB sq. yard of fabric in beginning direct material inventory.
  4. Each bear requires 1.5 hours of direct labor, which is paid $10 per hour.
  5. Work in Process inventories consists of: (1) beginning inventory of 200 units at $20 per units, (2) ending inventory of 300 units at $20 per unit.
  6. Finished goods inventories (given in b. above) are valued at $25 per unit.



  1. Complete the attached budgets, using Excel, using cell formulas and cell links wherever possible.  Print the budgets.
  2. What would net income be, if sales are 2A,AA0 units?  Don’t print the budgets again; just write your answer on the bottom of the second page printed in requirement #1.
  3. What would net income be, if the price of stuffing goes up to $6 per pound? (Leave the change made in requirement #2). Again, just write your answer on page 2.
  4. What would net income be if the direct labor wage rate goes up to $12 per hour? (Leave the changes made in requirements #2 and #3). Again, just write your answer on page 2.
  5. Turn in printed budget sheets and e-mail the original excel file to me.

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