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Answer each of the following in the space provided.Be sure to show your work. 1. You have your savings invested in an FDIC insured account (Account A) that pays a nominal rate of 3.00% with interest compounded monthly.You are considering moving your savings to another FDIC insured account (Account B) that offers a nominal rate of 3.10%, but with interest compounded daily.Determine which account you should use for your investment. Two years ago, Steven Industries issued 20-year, $1,000 Par Value bonds with 6% coupon rate with interest paid semiannually.At origination, the bonds had a five year call provision with a $100 premium.Boxer‚s cost of debt for these bonds has fallen to 4%.What is the price of one of their bonds? Harris, Inc. has $5 billion in assets and its tax rate is 40%.Its basic earning power ratio is 10%, and its return on assets is 5%.What is Harris‚s times-interest-earned ratio? 2. Consider two mutually exclusive projects, C & H, with the following cash flows.The IRR for project C is 14.05%, the IRR for project H is 15.97%, and both projects would have the same NPV if the required rate of return was 22.62%.Determine the range of interest rates in which you would choose project C, the range of interest rates in which you would choose project H, and the range of interest rates for which you would reject both project. Time 0 1 2 3 CFC $85 $75 $70 CFH $70 $80 $125

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