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Another assignment. Title : Experiential Group Work and Group Process Student are required to provide a written response to 6 questions. Each question is worth max 15%. The remaining 10% is allocated towards referencing, essay style and overall presentation. Each response should be 250 - 300 words. The word count for the whole assignment is therefore 1,500 - 1,800 words. 1.What is Facilitation? (Include purpose of group, group contract etc) 2.What are the key Principles and Values of Facilitation? 3.Identify the key stages of group development. (Include required skills that a facilitator needs for the stages). 4.Devise a session plan for an activity you have undertaken or will undertake. 5.Briefly outline Kolb's Experiential Learning Cycle. 6.What is evaluation? (Include the importance of ending a group, acknowledge success) Module Specific Reading Benson, j. f (2010) working more creatively with groups. 3rd ed. Corey, m. s. Corey, g and corey c. (2009) Groups: Process and Practice 8th ed Egan g. (2007) The skilled helper. 8ed Kolb, DA (1984) Experiential Learning experience as the source of learning and development. Prendiville, p. (2008) Developing Facilitation Skills.a handbook for group facilitators 3rd ed. Dublin: Combat poverty Agency.

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