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Integumentary System

Differentiated Instruction (DI) Project

Directions:  This is your week 1 DI project for AP103 and will provide you a chance to review several key concepts regarding the integumentary system.You have been and will be engaged in a variety of activities during this course that have given you the details of these concepts in order to accurately explain, analyze, perform and educate patients/clients abouttheir body systems. 

For this assignment, you may choose one of the following presentation formats:  A Paper, PowerPoint, Brochure, Prezi, or Video. If you would like to present your assignment in another format that is not listed here, please consult with your instructor for this course before proceeding.  Regardless of the type of presentation format that you choose, you must meet the minimum content and guidelines requirements. Content requirements:

  1. List the organs and divisions of the integumentary system. 
  2. Describe the function of each of the organs and/or divisions of the integumentary system. 
  3. List and describe at least three common conditions that affect the integumentarysystem.
    1. Structures/organs affected
    2. Signs and symptoms
    3. Possible complications
    4. Common treatments
  4. Create a patient that has 1 of common conditions that youve researched for number 3. Include the following items in your patient summary:
    1. Name
    2. Gender
    3. Age
    4. Physical Appearance/visual markings
    5. Social behaviors (Drinker? Smoker? Other health factors?)
    6. Nutritional and physical activities behaviors
    7. Mental health information/stress factors
    8. Personal hygiene behaviors
    9. Educational needs/goals regarding their condition
  5. Field of Study Application.  Using your patient you created in #4, create a summary of your duties or actions you would take to work with this client/patient within your field of study.  (For example:  PT students would create a summary of a nutritional and exercise plan or an MBC student would create a summary of how their patient would be billed, what their EMR would look like and how you would code for this patient or MT students would create a summary about any technique changes they would need to make and include any pre-massage conversation points as well as post-conversation points) 
  6. Summary section. In your future endeavors in your medical profession, summarize your research on this condition by answering the following questions:
    1. How often do you think you will see this condition in your medical profession?
    2. How common do you feel this condition is in the general public?
    3. How will you handle patient education if you sense the patient is sensitive or emotional about the condition?
    4. When educating your future patients about conditions, how will you respect their privacy (HIPAA)?

Be able to answer any questions regarding this analysis from your instructor.   It may be helpful to engage your current medical community or family members for help in your creation and review of this project.  They could be a great tool in your future endeavors to be a reference to gain knowledge.  Be thorough with this process, you will use these concepts daily in your future medical career! 

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