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ACCT2020 This information relates to Plunkett Real Estate Agency.

Oct. 1    Stockholders invested $31,318 in exchange for common stock of the corporation.

Oct. 2    Hires an administrative assistant at an annual salary of $42,460.

Oct. 3    Buys office furniture for $5,713, on account.

Oct. 6    Sells a house and lot for M.E. Petty; commissions due from Petty, $11,622 (not paid by Petty at this time).

Oct. 10  Receives cash of $170 as commission for acting as rental agent renting an apartment.

Oct. 27  Pays $802 on account for the office furniture purchased on October 3.

Oct. 30  Pays the administrative assistant $3,587 in salary for October.


Journalize the transactions. 

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