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Final Exam

Topic Summaries

A reminder that to be well prepared for the Final Exam, you will need to read all the relevant study resources for this subject, including the prescribed textbook, the course materials on the Portal and class notes.  Students should also read the relevant Tutorial questions and responses, as long as the responses are accurate. Please also read the Revision Notes carefully .

The following is a list of Topics with some brief notes to help you. The Topics are in no particular order.

1.        Research skills

*        The link between research and tertiary studies

*        How research can be used to enhance and expand knowledge and

       Increase variety

*        The link and use of research in relation to assignments

*        Criteria for choosing resources: age, context, link to topic etc.

*        The process for locating books on a recommended resource list, journals etc.

*        The process for locating resources when there is NO recommended resource


*        Understanding and using the Dewey classification system

2.         Essays and Reports

*          Characteristics of an essay, including reasons for use

*          The structure and use of various parts of an essay: introduction, main part        

    and conclusion.  Jewel in the crown?

*        Similarities and differences between an essay and a report

*        Planning an essay

*        Formal parts of a report (title page, contents page, summary,

       recommendations, and the use of headings


3.        Plagiarism and Referencing

*        Definitions of plagiarism

*        Examples of materials which might be plagiarised

*         Importance of avoiding plagiarism and consequences

*        Using the Harvard referencing method

*        When and how to use citations for direct and indirect quotations

*        Writing a reference list

*          The differences between a reference list, bibliography and appendix

4.        Statistics and the use of Visuals

  • The reasons/ purpose/ benefits of using graphs, illustrations, tables and/ or statistical data and tables as support materials in academic writing and importance of acknowledging sources
  • Choosing appropriate sources for completing assignments


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