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Access the March 19, 2010, filing of the 10-K report (for fiscal year ending January 30, 2010) ofJ. Crew Group, Inc. (ticker JCG), at WWW.SEC.gov.



  1. Does J. Crew use the direct or indirect method to construct its consolidated statement of cash flows? 
  2. For the fiscal year ended January 30, 2010, what is the largest item in settling the net income to net cash provided by operating activities?
  3.  In the recent three years, has the company been more successful in generating operating cash flows or in generating net income? Identify the figures to support the answer.
  4.  In the year ended January 30, 2010, what was the largest cash outflow for investing activities and for financing activities?
  5.  What item(s) does J. Crew report as supplementary cash flow information?
  6.  Does J. Crew report any noncash financing activities for fiscal year 2010? Identify them, if any.

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