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Aberkonkie& FitchCorporation prepares quarterly financial statements. The balance sheet at 12/31/12 is presented below.



Balance Sheet









 $  24,300


Accounts payable

 $  12,370

Accounts receivable



Common stock


Allowance for doubtful accounts



Retained earnings







Accumulated depreciation - equipment















Accumulated depreciation - building






 $ 155,500






During the first quarter of 2013, the following transactions occurred:


1. Aberkonkie& Fitchperformed services during the first quarter for $140,000 on account.


2. On 2/1/13, Aberkonkie& Fitchcollected fees of $12,000 in advance for $1,000 of services to be performed each month from 2/1/13 to 1/30/14.


3. On 2/1/13,  Aberkonkie& Fitchpurchased computer equipment for $9,000 plus sales taxes of $600. $3,000 cash was paid with the rest on account. Check #455 was used.


4. Aberkonkie& Fitchcollected $133,000 on 3/5/13 from customers on account.


5. Aberkonkie& Fitchpaid $16,370 on accounts payable. Check #456 was used.


6. Paid other operating expenses of $97,525. Check #457 was used.


7. Acquired a patent with a 10-year life for $9,600 cash on 3/1/13.  Check #458 was used.


8. Wrote off a customer receivable of $200 who went bankrupt.

9. On 3/31/13, Aberkonkie& Fitchsold for $1,620 cash equipment which originally cost $11,000. It had an estimated life of 5 years and salvage of $1,000. Accumulated depreciation as of 12/31/12 was $8,000 using the straight line method. Record depreciation on the equipment sold, then record the sale.


10. AJE: Record revenue earned from item 2 above.


11. AJE: $26,000 of accounts receivable at 3/31/13 are not due yet. The bad debt percentage for these is 4%.The balance of A/R are past due. The bad debt percentage for these is 23.75%. Record bad debt expense.

HINT: You will need to compute the balance in accounts receivable before calculating this.


12. AJE: Depreciation is recorded on the equipment still owned at 3/31/13. The new equipment purchased in February  is being depreciated on a double declining basis over 5 years and salvage value was estimated at $1,000. The old equipment still owned is being depreciated over a 10 year life using straight line with no salvage value.

13. AJE: Depreciation is recorded on the building on a straight-line basis based on a 30-year life and a salvage value of $10,000.


14. AJE: Amortization is recorded on the patent.


15. The company reconciles its bank statement every quarter. Information from the 12/31/12 Bank Reconciliation is:

           Deposit in transit:                                   12/30/12          $5,000

           Outstanding Checks                               #440                  3,444

                                                                           #452                    333

                                                                           #453                    865

                                                                           #454                 5,845

The Bank statement received for the quarter ended 3/31/13 is as follows:

Beginning balance per bank                                                                                 $29,787

Deposits: 1/2/13  $5,000, 2/2/13 $12,000, 3/6/13 $133,000                                  150,000

Checks: #452 $333, #453 $865, #456 $16,370, #457 $97,525                            (115,093)

Debit memo: Bank service charge (Record as operating expense)                      (       100)

Ending bank balance$64,594


16. AJE: The income tax rate is 30%. This amount will be paid when the tax return is due in April.Hint: Prepare the income statement up to income before taxes and multiply by 30% to compute the amount.





REQUIRED: Print out the solution pages for the general ledger, journal and worksheet that follow and enter the following transactions. I suggest that you use a pencil.

  1. Enter the transactions 1-9 in the general journal provided on the following pages.
  2. Enter the 12/31/12 balances in ledger accounts. Use the ledger account running balance format accounts provided on the following pages.
  3. Post the journal entries to the ledger accounts for items 1 – 9.
  4. Prepare an unadjusted trial balance at March 31 and enter on the worksheet. Then complete the other worksheet columns.(See below.)

Worksheet requirement: Using your unadjusted trial balance above and the data for adjusting entries, prepare a 10 column worksheet similar to the one on page 195 in the chapter 4 appendix of your text.                                                                          

  1. Prepare a bank reconciliation in good form. (Item 15 above.) Use your own paper. Record the necessary AJE.
  2. Journalize and post all other adjusting entries. (Items 10 - 16)
  3. Prepare an income statement and a retained earnings statement for the quarter ended 3/31/13 and a classified balance sheet at 3/31/13. Use your own paper. (No formatted sheets are supplied as we did for the other items.)

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