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a) You are pressing mass M = 0.908 kg against a vertical wall with a horizontal force F of magnitude F = 6.36 N, and the mass remains at rest.
HINT: Draw a freebody diagram for this problem.

- Find f, the magnitude of the force of static friction exerted by the wall on the block. N

- You now slowly decrease the horizontal force, and discover the block just begins to slide when the applied force F has magnitude F = 5.01 N. Find μs, the coefficient of static friction between the wall and the block.

b) A cart (with wheels) sits on a horizontal table. The front of the cart is a vertical wall, with mass M = 0.908 kg held against the wall. You want to push the cart forward with an acceleration of magnitude a so the mass M can be released and it will not slide down the wall. Assume the coefficient of static friction between the block and the wall of the cart is μs = 0.454. Find the minimum value of a for which the mass does not slide.
HINT: Another freebody diagram will be useful!

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