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A year ago, Crunchy Cola Corporation bought a stamping machine to make the cans for its cola. The cost of the machine was $63,000. The machine has a useful life of 5 years and a salvage value of zero at the end of those five years. Annual depreciation on the machine is $12,600. One year of depreciation has been recorded. The variable manufacturing cost of producing the cans is $0.05 per can. The only fixed manufacturing cost is the annual depreciation of $12,600 on the stamping machine. Crunchy needs 183,000 cans annually. Dagmar Stamping Company recently gave Crunchy an offer to supply all of its can needs for the next four years at $0.07 per can. If Crunchy buys from Dagmar, the stamping machine would not be needed and would be sold for $36,800. If Crunchy buys from Dagmar, what will be the total dollar increase or decrease in income for the next four years? (a) $22,160 increase (b) $28,240 decrease (c) $35,760 increase (d) $14,640 decrease

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