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 A robot unloads a finished component from a machine and places it on a gravity conveyor. The conveyor accelerates from rest until it reaches the bottom of the conveyor 4.5 seconds later. The component is travelling at a velocity of 1.35 m/s when it reaches the bottom of the conveyor where it is then stopped by hitting a buffer. The component sits stationary awaiting packaging.

 a) Determine the linear acceleration of the component as it travels down the gravity conveyor (ignoring frictional forces. 

 b) The conveyor section length is later modified and extended by a further 1.5m. Determine the new velocity of the components when they reach the buffer. 

 c) Explain the cause of the components accelerating from rest down the conveyor. 

 d) Determine the force exerted by the component, of mass 4.5kg, downward on the conveyor as it sits at the buffer. 

 e) Explain why the component does not accelerate down through the conveyor whilst resting at the buffer.

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