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A recent national survey of hospital admissions for people between 25 and 50 years who had hospital admissions in during a two years’ period showed that 30% had 1 admission only, 25% had two admissions, 15% had 3 admissions, 12% had 4 admissions, 8 % had 5 admissions, 10% had 6 admissions or more admissions. The mayor of a small city claims that his city is much healthier than the national average. He even cites the percentages for the two extreme categories. He says that 40% of local population in the given age group have only one hospital admissions (compared to 30% national) and the percentage of 6 or more admissions is only 5% compared to national 10%. His claim was in fact based on a sample of 300 randomly selected people in the specified age group who were interviewed by a local Newspaper. It was revealed that 120 people had only 1 admission, 81 had 2 admissions, 48 had 3 admissions, 18 had 4 admissions, 18 had 5 admissions, and 15 had 6 admissions or more admissions. Does the data support the mayor’s claim?

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