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A nitric acid molecule can be arranged on an x-axis with its atoms in the following order and separated by the distances noted in parentheses from left to right; Hydrogen (1.00X10^-10m) Oxygen (1.41X10^-10m) Nitrogen, with two Oxygen atoms, one at an angle 65-degrees above the x-axis and one at an angle 65-degrees below the x-axis, separated from the Nitrogen atom by a distance of (1.22X10^-10m). The masses of the atoms are mH=1.67X10^-27 kg, mN=23.3X10^-27 kg, and mO=26.6X10^-27 kg. Locate the center of mass of this molecule relative to the hydrogen atom. (Hint: The oxygen atoms are located symmetrically on either side of the H-O-N line)

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