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A jury found Scott guilty and he is on death row. One of the major concerns during this process was whether or not Scott will get a fair trial. I am sure it was hard to pick a juror who had not heard of the case. The trial was to originally take place in Stanislaus County where the murderer lived and where the crime took place. The newspapers used to say Scott may have a fighting chance if the Grand Jury is made up of 20 and 30 something adults. There seems to be this sympathy string he tugs at with this age group. It will be to Scott's advantage to have a jury predominately made up of jurors in his generation. Plus, the 20/30 something's make-up a good percentage of the population in Stanislaus County Based on Week 4 lecture 2; Does the following data for the Grand Jury in the Scott Peterson Trial truly support a representation of the population in Stanislaus County? You must determine if the observed age distribution of grand jurors and the expected age distribution are significant or not? This formula is called the Chi-Square. The IV is age distribution of the (2 categories/Nominal) Grand jurors and citizens of Stanislaus County. The DV is each age bracket (more than 2 categories/Nominal). Age Category Number of Grand Jurors County Wide Distribution by Percentage 21-40 5 42% 41-50 9 23% 51-60 19 16% 61 and Up 33 19% TOTAL 66 100%

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