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A good recruiting program should only attract the qualified job seekers.

File: Ch06, Chapter 6, Recruiting


1. A good recruiting program should only attract the qualified job seekers.

2. The first goal of recruiting is to communicate the position in such a way that job seekers respond.

3. Organizations that are downsizing or not growing will find recruitment as a major human resource activity.

4. Internal organizational policies do not constrain a firms recruiting efforts.

5. The first step in recruiting for overseas positions is to define the relevant labor market.

6. Employee referrals are not an effective means of locating potential employees for hard-to-fill positions.

7. Employee referrals may minimize an organizations effort to diversify its workforce.

8. Executive search firms work closely with college job fairs.

9. A very small percentage of companies in the United States use their website for recruiting.

10. Older workers have less absenteeism than younger employees.

11. Younger workers are usually more motivated than older workers.

12. The difference between a leased and a temporary employee is that a temporary employee typically remains with an organization for a longer period.

13. One of the better sources for individuals who will most likely perform effectively on the job is a recommendation from a current employee.

14. Under law, an employer is permitted to seek out preferred job candidates based on nonjob related factors such as physical appearance, sex, or religious background.

15. Large organizations with national reputations routinely use blind box ads to fill lower level positions.

Matching Key Terms and Definitions

16. Events attended by employer representatives or recruiters with the goal of reaching qualified candidates.

17. Process of discovering potential candidates for actual or anticipated organizational vacancies.

18. Limit human resource recruiters freedom to recruit and select a candidate of their choice.

19. Workers often referred to as consultants that are not employees but do specific work at a location on or off the Companys premises.

20. Typical employee of choice if a company wants to launch a technical product in a new country.

21. An individual who lives and works in a country of which he or she is not citizen.

22. A promotion-from-within concept.

23. Represent employer to prospective applicants as colleges and job fairs.

24. An advertisement that does not identify the advertising organization.

25. Private employment agency specialized in middle- and top-management placements.

26. Web pages that are used as résumés.

27. Individuals hired by one firm and sent to work in another for a specific time.

28. Recruiting technique used effectively in tight or specialized markets.

29. Another name for executive search firms.

30. Respond better to flexible work policies and programs designed to permit work/life balances.

Fill-In the Blanks

31. _______ is the process of discovering potential candidates for actual or anticipated organizational vacancies.

32. A good recruiting program encourages only _______ applicants to apply.


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