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A delivery truck travels 13 blocks south, 12 blocks east and 10 blocks north. What is its final displacement from the origin? Assume the blocks are equal length.


____?____ = blocks


____?____=° (counterclockwise from east is positive)

*I tried this problem on my own. I set up a diagram for the displacements ΔX and ΔY.
South and North correspond to ΔY, whereas ΔX corresponds to East and West.
ΔY = 13-10 = 3 blocks
ΔX = 12-0 = 12 blocks
thus for the magnitude of total displacement
(total displacement)^2= (3)^2 +(12)^2
total displacement = 12.4 blocks
for some reason the webassign system tells me that I am wrong for the magnitude. Can you anyone help.
Also I am totally lost in regards to the Directions perhaps somone could help me out with this as well. I need to see each step without shortcuts. Thank You.

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