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.A company that produces and markets videotaped continuing education programs for the financial industry has traditionally mailed sample tapes that contain previews of the programs to prospective customers. Customers then agree to purchase the program tapes or return the sample tapes. A group of sales representatives studied how to increase sales and found that many prospective customers believed it was difficult to tell from a sample tape alone whether the educational programs would meet their needs. The sales representatives performed an experiment to test whether sending the complete program tapes for review by customers would increase sales. They selected 80 customers from a mailing list and randomly assigned 40 to receive the sample tapes and 40 to receive the full-program tapes for review. They then determined the number of tapes that were purchased and returned in each group. The results of the experiment are as follows:

ACTION Sample Full Total
Purchased 6 14 20
Returned 34 26 60
Total 40 40 80

a. At the 0.05 level of significance, is there evidence of a difference in the proportion of tapes purchased on the basis of the type of tape sent to the customer?

Complete the following:
1. State H0.
2. State H1.
3. State the value of α.
4. State the value of the test statistic.
5. State the p-value.
6. State the decision in terms of H0 and why.
7. State the decision in terms of the problem.

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