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A 100 mL sample of hard water is titrated with EDTA solution. The same amount of Mg^2+ is added as previously, and the volume of EDTA required is 17.64 mL.

How many moles of EDTA are there in that volume?

How many moles of Ca^2+ are there in the 100 mL of water?

If the Ca^2+ comes from CaCO3, how many moles of CaCO3 are there in one liter of the water? How many grams CaCO3 per liter?

Preluding answers:
0.005113 mol CaCO3
Molarity of Ca^2+ in 250 mL solution: 0.0206 M
5.12e^-4 mol Ca^2+ in 25.00 mL solution from above
27.56 mL EDTA needed to titrate Ca^2+ ion
5.12e^-4 mol EDTA in 27.56 mL
Molarity of EDTA solution : 0.01855 M
Volume EDTA used in titrating Ca^2+ in hard water: 15.04 m

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