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A 1.0 kg hollow ball of radius 0.10 m, filled with air, is released from rest at the bottom of a 2.0 m deep pool of water. How high above the surface of the water does the ball rise. Neglect all frictional effects and the changing force on the ball when it is partially submerged. Volume of a sphere = 4/3 r 3
r air = 1.29 kg/m3; r water = 1000 kg / m3

Early underwater exploration was conducted with a diving bell. A cylindrical diving bell 3.0 m in diameter and 4.0 m tall with the bottom open is submerged to a depth of 220 m in the ocean. The surface temperature is 25o C, and the temperature at a depth of 220 m is 5.0o C the density of sea water is 1025 kg/ m3 How high does the sea water rise in the bell at this depth.

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