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Market researchers delivered the following findings to Ocean Spray\'s product manager: (1) "cranberry" is not part of the language outside the U.S. and Canada; (2) the British like juice in boxes, not bottles; (3) the British have a dry sense of humor and a sense of adventure; and (4). like many other people, the British are also concerned about staying healthy. Which action recommendation most clearly focuses on the health benefits of the new cranberry juice drink for British consumers?

A.            Appeal to the British sense of humor while emphasizing the taste of cranberry juice by showing a small cranberry labeled "actual size" and a huge cranberry labeled "actual taste."             

B.            Use a picture of the cranberry juice drink in a box so that consumers will know what to look for—and see that it\'s not in a bottle

C.            Appeal to the British sense of adventure and travel by using a picture taken on Cape Cod, where Ocean Spray cranberries grow

D.            Advertise to provide information about vitamin content and the absence of any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives

E.            Show photos in ads of the cranberry bogs in Massachusetts being flooded to help harvest the cranberries

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