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Alice Faulkner is a professional salesperson. She earns her living by selling advertising for The New York Times news paper. In addition to selling advertising to her regular accounts, Alice is responsible for generating new advertising accounts for the newspaper. In order to fulfill her responsibilities, Faulkner works hard to make sure the potential customers she sells to are qualified prospects. How can Faulkner know if the prospects she is selling to are qualified prospects?

A.            Qualified prospects have only an interest in buying display advertising in the paper

B.            Qualified prospects have the money to buy display advertising in the paper but don\'t care if the ad is purchased

C.            Qualified prospects have the authority to make the decision to buy the advertising, but no idea if this is an effective use of company assets

D.            Qualified prospects have a need for the advertising, can afford to buy it, and have the authority to make the purchase decision

E.            Qualified prospects read the newspaper daily and recognize that it is a good advertising medium

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