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61. Ethics are the standards of conduct by which one's actions are judged as a. right or wrong. b. honest or dishonest. c. fair or unfair. d. all of these.

62. Generally accepted accounting principles are a. income tax regulations of the Internal Revenue Service. b. standards that indicate how to report economic events. c. theories that are based on physical laws of the universe. d. principles that have been proven correct by academic researchers.

63. The cost principle requires that when assets are acquired, they be recorded at a. appraisal value. b. exchange price paid. c. selling price. d. list price.

64. The cost of an asset and its fair market value are a. never the same. b. the same when the asset is sold. c. irrelevant when the asset is used by the business in its operations. d. the same on the date of acquisition.

65. The body of theory underlying accounting is not based on a. physical laws of nature. b. concepts. c. principles. d. definitions.

66. The private sector organization involved in developing accounting principles is the a. Feasible Accounting Standards Body. b. Financial Accounting Studies Board. c. Financial Accounting Standards Board. d. Financial Auditors' Standards Body.

67. The SEC and FASB are two organizations that are primarily responsible for establishing generally accepted accounting principles. It is true that a. they are both governmental agencies. b. the SEC is a private organization of accountants. c. the SEC often mandates guidelines when no accounting principles exist. d. the SEC and FASB rarely cooperate in developing accounting standards.

68. GAAP stands for a. Generally Accepted Auditing Procedures. b. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. c. Generally Accepted Auditing Principles. d. Generally Accepted Accounting Procedures.

69. Which of the following is not a characteristic of the cost principle? a. Reliability b. Subjectivity c. Objectivity d. Verifiability

70. The ACE Company has five plants nationwide that cost $200 million. The current market value of the plants is $600 million. The plants will be recorded and reported as assets at a. $200 million. b. $800 million. c. $400 million. d. $600 million.

71. The proprietorship form of business organization a. must have at least three owners in most states. b. represents the largest number of businesses in the United States. c. combines the records of the business with the personal records of the owner. d. is characterized by a legal distinction between the business as an economic unit and the owner.

72. The economic entity assumption requires that the activities a. of different entities can be combined if all the entities are corporations. b. must be reported to the Securities and Exchange Commission. c. of a sole proprietorship cannot be distinguished from the personal economic events of its owners. d. of an entity be kept separate from the activities of its owner.

73. A business organized as a corporation a. is not a separate legal entity in most states. b. requires that stockholders be personally liable for the debts of the business. c. is owned by its stockholders. d. terminates when one of its original stockholders dies.

74. The partnership form of business organization a. is a separate legal entity. b. is a common form of organization for service-type businesses. c. enjoys an unlimited life. d. has limited liability.

75. Which of the following is not an advantage of the corporate form of business organization? a. Limited liability of stockholders b. Transferability of ownership c. Unlimited personal liability for stockholders d. Unlimited life

76. A small neighborhood barber shop that is operated by its owner would likely be organized as a a. joint venture. b. partnership. c. corporation. d. proprietorship.

77. Joan and Sara met at law school and decide to start a small law practice after graduation. They agree to split revenues and expenses evenly. The most common form of business organization for a business such as this would be a a. joint venture. b. partnership. c. corporation. d. proprietorship. 78. Which of the following is true regarding the corporate form of business organization? a. Corporations are the most prevalent form of business

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