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46. (Comparative computations of expenditures and expenses based on the same underlying transactions) A department of a local government began operations at the beginning of the current fiscal year with $250,000 cash. During the fiscal year, the department made cash disbursements for the following: # Salaries and other personnel costs, $100,000 # Office rent and utilities, $24,000 # Retirement of debt principal, $10,000; payment of interest, $2,200 # Purchased equipment at the beginning of the fiscal year for $30,000; the equipment is expected to last 6 years and have a salvage value of $6,000 # Photocopier rental and supplies, $10,500

Based on the preceding transactions, compute total annual expenditures for this department assuming it performs governmental-type activities and is accounted for in the General Fund.

Then compute total annual expenses for this department assuming it performs activities within an Enterprise Fund.

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