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     41.     (Journal entries - interfund transactions)

Theodore County uses a General Fund, a Special Revenue Fund, and an Enterprise Fund. The Special Revenue Fund is financed by a grant from the state to provide care for the elderly. The Enterprise Fund provides bus service both to the public and to government agencies. Prepare entries to record these transactions. Indentify the funds involved in each case.
          a.     The Enterprise Fund bills the Special Revenue Fund $15,000 for bus service provided to the elderly.
          b.     The General Fund receives an electricity bill for $20,000 and prepares a voucher to pay the bill. The General Fund then bills the Special Revenue Fund for $3,000, representing the portion of the electricity bill applicable to the senior citizens building.
          c.     The Enterprise Fund is short of cash to pay its bills. The General Fund lends the Enterprise Fund $50,000 in cash, which will be repaid before the end of the year.
          d.     The General Fund pays cash of $100,000 to the Enterprise Fund as a subsidy to help meet the operating costs of the Enterprise Fund.

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