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35.          (Journal entries with emphasis on Debt Service Fund)

The Shannon Township Debt Service Fund accumulates resources to pay its $2 million general obligation debt. The debt is payable in equal annual installments of principal over 10 years with 5% interest on the unpaid principal. Prepare journal entries to record the following transactions in the Debt Service Fund.

          a.     The Township levies a special property tax amounting to $500,000 to pay debt service on its long-term general obligation debt. The tax must be accounted for in the Debt Service Fund.
          b.     All the property taxes levied for debt service purposes are collected.
          c.     The Township invests $150,000 in a six-month certificate of deposit.
          d.     Debt service (interest of $100,000 and principal of $200,000) becomes due and payable.
          e.     The debt service liabilities are paid.
          f.     The certificate of deposit in c. matures and the Township receives a total of $153,000, which includes $3,000 of interest.

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