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     35.     (Journal Entries for an Investment Trust Fund)

Contra County operates an external investment pool, which invests idle cash on behalf of school districts within the county. Prepare journal entries to record the following transactions.
          a.     The pool receives cash deposits from District 1 ($100,000) and District 3 ($300,000).
          b.     The pool invests the $400,000 in certificates of deposit (CDs) maturing in three months.
          c.     The CDs mature and the pool receives $402,000, which includes $2,000 interest.
          d.     The pool remits the interest to Districts 1 and 3 in proportion to their investments.
          e.     District 3 needs some cash. In accordance with District 3's request, the pool returns $250,000 cash to the District.
          f.     The pool invests the remaining $150,000 in another CD.
          g.     At year-end, interest earned but not received on the $150,000 CD, amounts to $1,000.

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