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34.     (Journal entries for an Enterprise Fund)

These transactions relate to Metro Bus, which provides transportation services to residents of Putnam County. Metro Bus is accounted for as a County Enterprise Fund. Make journal entries to account for the following 2008 transactions in the Enterprise Fund.
          a.     On April 1, 2008, Metro borrows $3,000,000 by issuing 10-year revenue bonds. Bond principal is to be paid back in 20 equal semi-annual installments, starting October 1, 2008, together with interest of 6% a year on the unpaid principal.
          b.     On July 1, Metro pays cash for 10 buses costing $150,000 each. Metro also pays cash for land costing $100,000 and a building costing $900,000 to house its repair activity.
          c.     On July 1, Metro invests $200,000 of unused cash in a Certificate of Deposit (CD).
          d.     Metro pays cash of $50,000 to acquire an inventory of repair parts.
          e.     Metro collects bus fares of $900,000, which it deposits in the bank.
          f.     Metro sends an invoice for $10,000 to the County Social Services Agency for taking senior citizens on bus tours. The Agency receives appropriations from the General Fund.
          g.     Metro pays salaries of $500,000 to its bus operators, mechanics, and administrative staff.
          h.     The CD (transaction c.) matures and Metro receives a check for $203,000.
          i.     On October 1, 2008, Metro pays the first installment of principal and interest on the revenue bonds in transaction a.

To prepare financial statements at December 31, 2008, Metro makes adjusting journal entries for the following items:
          j.     To record six months' depreciation on the buses and building bought in transaction b. Estimated lives are: buses - 10 years; building - 30 years.
          k.     To record consumption of repair parts. A year-end physical inventory shows repair parts on hand amounting to $8,000. (See transaction d.)
          l.     To accrue for unpaid salaries of $12,000.
          m.     To accrue interest on the revenue bonds outstanding at December 31, 2008. (See transactions a. and i.)

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