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     33.     (Journal entries for a Pension Trust Fund)

Moody Village maintains a Pension Trust Fund for its employees. At the start of the year, the Fund holds cash of $150,000 and investments that have a fair value of $4,000,000. The Fund has the following transactions. Prepare entries to record them in the Fund's accounts

          a.     Bills the General Fund $200,000 for the required annual contribution. The pension plan does not require contributions from the employees
          b.     Receives payment of $200,000 from the General Fund
          c.     Receives interest and dividend income of $150,000 in cash on its investment portfolio
          d.     Receives $215,000 from selling investments carried on the books at $200,000
          e.     Makes new investments totaling $275,000
          f.     Pays annuity benefits of $325,000 to retirees or their spouses
          g.     Pays administrative expenses of $100,000 in cash
          h.     The investments held by the Fund have a fair value of $4,100,000 at year-end.

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