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3. Using the bond energies below, determine the value and sign of ˆ€ H for the Reaction: 2H-Br + F-F € €™ 2H-F + Br-Br Bond energies in kJ/mole: H-Br 362.3 H-F 565 F-F 154.8 Br-Br 190.0 4. When a mole of C5H12 is combusted it reacts with 8 moles of O2. A. How many moles of CO2 are produced? B. How many moles of H2O are produced? 5. 2Al2O3 + 3C € €™ 4Al + 3CO2 A. How many moles of C are needed to react with 7.75 moles of Al2O3 ? B. How many grams of Al are produced when 355 grams of Al2O3 react? 7. Water has a specific heat of 4.184J/g-K How many joules of energy are needed to heat 365 grams of water from 25.0oC to 85.0oC 8. Explain why C2H4 can form a polymer (polyethylene), but C2H6 cannot form a polymer? 9. The ˆ€ H of combustion of C2H6 is 1541kJ/mole. How many kJ of energy are produced when 500.0 grams of C2H6 are combusted?

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