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23.     (Journal entries - set of transactions)

The Federal Bureau of Nutrition Standards (BNS), a unit of the Health Department, is responsible for establishing standards for the quality and nutritional content of packaged food products. Prepare budgetary and proprietary entries to record the following transactions for the month of October, 2008. State whether each entry affects budgetary or proprietary accounts.
          a.     BNS received an appropriation in the amount of $600,000.
          b.     The Office of Management and Budget apportioned the entire appropriation.
          c.     The Health Department made the first quarter's allotment of $150,000 to BNS.
          d.     BNS placed a purchase order for $14,000 for ten scales.
          e.     All the scales arrived in good order. The vendor submitted an invoice for $14,700 for scales that were of a higher quality than those ordered. The invoice was accepted by BNS. The equipment will have a useful life of ten years.
          f.     BNS's payrolls, amounting to $42,700 (standards-setting program) were paid.
          g.     To complete the records for its monthly financial reports, adjusting entries for the following were needed:
               (1) To record depreciation for one year on the scales.
               (2) To record accrued salaries of $3,600.

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