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     22.     (Journal entries - set of basic transactions)

The Federal Bureau of Domestic Security (BDS) receives an annual appropriation. Prepare budgetary and proprietary journal entries to record the following transactions. State whether each entry affects budgetary or proprietary accounts.
          a.     BDS received an appropriation of $835,000.
          b.     The Office of Management and Budget apportioned $765,000 of the appropriation to the Department of National Security, which oversees the BDS.
          c.     The Department allotted $205,000 of the apportionment to BDS.
          d.     BDS placed a purchase order for listening devices for $30,000 . (BDS does not use commitment accounting.)
          e.     All the listening devices arrived in good condition, along with an invoice for $30,500. BDS put the listening devices in inventory.
          f.     BDS sent a disbursement schedule to the Treasury directing payment of the $30,500.
          g.     The Treasury notified BDS that it had paid the $30,500 invoice.
          h.     BDS consumed $12,000 of its listening devices in its covert operations program.

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