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21. The reference column in a sales journal is used to indicate the general ledger account number when the entry is posted.

22. Postings are generally made more frequently to the general ledger control accounts than to the individual accounts in the subsidiary ledgers.

23. The amounts appearing in the Merchandise Inventory column of the cash payments journal are posted individually to the accounts in the accounts payable subsidiary ledger.

24. Transaction amounts recorded in the general journal are never posted to accounts in the subsidiary ledger.

25. When control and subsidiary accounts are involved, there must be a dual posting.

The following questions are from the Study Guide.

s26. An accounting information system involves data collection, data processing, and informa-tion dissemination.

s27. The final phase in the development of an accounting system is implementation.

s28. Each general ledger control account balance must equal the composite balance of the individual accounts in the related subsidiary ledger at the end of an accounting period.

s29. When special journals are employed, all postings must be monthly or daily but cannot be both.

s30. Totaling the columns of a journal and proving the equality of the totals is called footing and cross-footing a journal.

s31. Only transactions that cannot be entered in a special journal are recorded in the general journal.

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