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2) Herpetologists (snake specialists) found that a certain species of reticulated python have an average length of20.5 feet with a standard deviation of 2.3 feet. The scientists collect a random sample of 30 adult pythons and measure their lengths. In their sample the mean length was 19.5 feet long. One of the herpetologists fears that pollution might be affecting the natural growth of the pythons. Do you think this sample result is unusually small? Explain. 3) The representatives from the Department of Labor want to estimate a percentage of females in the United States labor force to within ‚±5%, with 90% confidence. How many employment records should they sample? 4.The company's technician then entered the room and used the sensor to try to determine which of the four boxes contained the explosive. The experiment consisted of 50 trials, and the technician was successful in finding the explosive 16 times. Does this indicate that the device is effective in sensing the presence of explosives? 5. Was your test one-tail lower, or two tail? Explain why you chose that kind of test in this situation. 6. Explain what your P-value means in this context. The p-value will be the probability that test results could give stronger evidence for rejecting Ho. 7) Does this sample indicate that the insurance company should change its premiums because life expectancy has increased? Test an appropriate hypothesis and state your conclusion 8) Test an appropriate hypothesis and state your conclusion. 9) Create and interpret a 90% confidence interval. . 10) For more accurate cost determination, the insurance companies want to estimate the life expectancy to within one year with 95% confidence. How many randomly selected records would they need to have? 11) They actually select a random sample of 525 employment records, and find that 229 of the people are females. Create the confidence interval. 12) Interpret the confidence interval in this context. 13) Explain what 90% confidence means in this context. 14) Should the representatives from the Department of Labor conclude that the percentage of females in their labor force is lower than Europe‚s rate of 46%? Explain.

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