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1.Multiple Choice. A student answers a multiple choice examination question that has 4 possible answers. Suppose that the probability that the student knows the answer to the question is 0.80 and the probability that the student guesses is 0.20. If student guesses, probability of correct answer is 0.25. (i) What is the probability that the fixed question is answered correctly? (ii) If it is answered correctly what is the probability that the student really knew the correct answer. 2. Kokomo, Indiana. In Kokomo, IN, 65% are conservatives, 20% are liberals and 15% are independents. Records show that in a particular election 82% of conservatives voted, 65% of liberals voted and 50% of independents voted. If the person from the city is selected at random and it is learned that he/she did not vote, what is the probability that the person is liberal?

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