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1.For simple random sampling the mean of all possible sample means is equal to the population mean when which of the following conditions is true? Choose the best possible answer. a. Sampling is with replacement b. Sampling is with or without replacement c. Sampling is from an infinite population d. Sampling is with or without replacement and from an infinite or finite population 2. The t-test is INNAPPROPRIATE for investigating the difference in two sample means when: a. The variance in the two populations can be assumed equal b. The characteristic of interest is normally distributed in each population c. A pooled estimator for the overall variance is warranted d. The data is ordinal or nominally scaled 3. Which of the following statements about regression/correlation analysis is FLASE? a. Correlation analysis involves the measurement of the closeness of the relationship between two or more variables. b. Regression analysis involves the derivation of an equation that relates the criterion variable to one or more predictor variables. c. Regression analysis can establish the causal relationship between two or more variables d. The least squares equations result from a probabilistic model that relates the variables. 4. Which of the following is true of research reports? a. Most reports are clear. b. A good way to ensure the research report is clear is to make an outline of the major points c. A report writer should generally include everything corresponding to the project in the report. d. A good rule of thumb in report writing is to include all those findings that might be of interest to the reader 5. An analyst wishing to show the fluctuations in coffee consumption by month over the past two years should probably use: a. A grouped bar chart b. A pie chart c. A line chart d. A stratum chart

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