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__________ plans might be referred to as what-if plans.

A.            Single-use

B.            Strategic

C.            Contingency

D.            Standing


12) A plan that focuses on ongoing activities and may become a more permanent policy or rule is a

A.            standing plan

B.            single-use plan

C.            strategy

D.            mission statement


 13) Which type of program should management implement to have a culture of ethics that prevent, detect, and punish legal violations?

A.            Sarbanes-Oxley Act Training

B.            Ethics program

C.            Compliance-based ethics program

D.            Integrity-based ethics program


14) Honesty, caring, loyalty, fairness, and integrity are all examples of

A.            citizenship

B.            values

C.            self-focus

D.            ethics


15) As a manager, you want to create a project team to plan and implement a project designed to meet the demands of globalization. Which of the following types of organizational structure would you use to achieve higher degree of flexibility and adaptability of the team members?

A.            Functional

B.            Divisional

C.            Matrix

D.            Network


16) The planning process of human resources management begins with

A.              determining the number and types of people needed to realize the organizations business     plans

B.            recruiting individuals who will assist the organization to realize its business plans

C.            training people who will assist the organization to realize its business plans

D.            evaluating an organizations present employees and their capabilities to fulfill the organizations business plans


17) Which type of organizational structure optimizes employee empowerment?

A.            Centralized

B.            Decentralized

C.            Functional

D.            Divisional


18) The assignment of different tasks to different people or groups is the

A.            strategic plan

B.            organization structure

C.            division of labor

D.            value chain


19) Which of the following is an advantage of product departmentalization?

A.            Information needs managed more easily

B.            Suitable for stable environments

C.            Efficient resource utilization

D.            Decision making and lines of communication are simple


20) Ruby recently accepted a job with a large insurance firm as an internal auditor. Ruby has found that her job is different than the internship she had at an accounting consulting firm. The insurance firm has strictly defined job responsibilities and lines of communication. For every decision Ruby needs to make, approval must be obtained from upper management. Overall, she has found the atmosphere to be quite formal as compared to the internship. Ruby has concluded that the insurance firm has

A.            a high degree of centralization

B.            decentralized authority

C.            a matrix design

D.            an ineffective structure


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