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91)          __________ are extra compensation items that are not paid directly to the employee.  



92)          __________ is the total amount of salary or wages, before taxes and other deduction.  



93)          __________ is equal to gross pay minus all deductions.  



94)          An employee files form __________ with his(her) employer to indicate the number of allowance claimed for withholding purposes.  



95)          The payroll tax return that the employer must file with the Internal Revenue is Form __________.  



96)          Associated Foods had cash sales of $787,000 during the month of August. Sales taxes of 7% were collected on the sales. Prepare an aggregate journal entry to record the sales and sales tax for the month.  




98)          Southwest Companys records indicate that February sales on account were $111,000. The companys management estimates the liability for warranties to be 4.0% of sales. Prepare journal entries to record sales revenue and the related warranty expense for February.  




100)       Compute gross pay for the following individuals assuming time in excess of 40 hours is paid at the rate of one and one-half of regular pay.

Employee            Hours Worked   Pay Rate Per Hour

G. Little                                                45           $13

J. Garnett                            50           $15

J. Cherry                              38           $17

G. McGuire                         44           $19

S. Hauser                             40           $22 


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