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168.     The delegation of freedom to make decisions


169.     The decision making power of segment managers


170.     Those informal and formal performance-based rewards that enhance managerial effort toward organizational goals

171.     A theory that deals with contracting between an organization and the managers that it hires to make decisions on its behalf


172.     Revenue divided by invested capital

173.     Net income less "imputed" interest

174.     A measure of income or profit divided by the investment required to obtain that income or profit

175.     Income divided by revenue

176.     This equals net operating income minus the after-tax weighted-average cost of capital multiplied by the sum of long-term liabilities and stockholders' equity

177.     What a firm must pay to acquire more capital, whether or not it actually has to acquire more capital to take on a project

178.     Company’s cost of capital x amount of investment


179.     The original cost of an asset less any accumulated depreciation

180.     The original cost of an asset before deducting accumulated depreciation


181.     The amount charged by one segment of an organization for a product or service that it supplies to another segment of the same organization

182.     Outlay cost + opportunity cost

183.     The additional amount the selling segment must pay to produce and transfer a product or service to another segment

184.     The maximum contribution to profit that the selling segment forgoes by transferring the item internally


185.     Any decision that is in conflict with organizational goals

186.     The joint formulation of a set of goals and plans for achieving the goals for a      forthcoming period by a manager and his or her superior

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