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164.     The horizontal axis of the CVP graph
165.     The vertical axis of the CVP graph

166.     On the CVP graph, where the total expenses line crosses the sales line

167.     The behavior of revenues and expenses on the CVP graph


168.     At any given volume, this distance on the CVP graph measures the net income or net loss


169.     The relative proportion or combinations of quantities of products that constitute total sales


170.     The change in total results (such as revenue, expenses, or income) under a new      condition in comparison with some given or known condition.

171.     (fixed expenses + target net income) / unit contribution margin

172.     Companies with high contribution-margin percentages

173.     A firm’s ratio of fixed to variable costs

174.     Shows how far sales can fall below the planned level of sales before losses occur


175.     The sales price minus the cost of goods sold

176.     The cost of the merchandise that a company acquires or produces and then sells

177.     Another name for gross profit


178.     The relative proportions or combinations of quantities of products that comprise total sales


179.     The planned or desired net income

180.     (change in volume in units) x (contribution margin per unit) x (1 – tax rate)

181.     Net income / (1 – tax rate)


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