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Safin Company

Adjusted Trial Balance

January 31, 2012


Supplies                                                                                               $900

Prepaid Ins                                                                                       $2,400

Salaries and Wages Payable                                                        $800

Unearned revenue                                                                         $750

Supplies expense                                                                            $950

Insurance Expense                                                                          $ 400     

Salaries and Wgs exp                                                                      $1800

Service Revenue                                                                              $2000



a)            If the amount in supplies Expense is the Jan 31 adjusting entry, and the $850 of supplies was purchased in January, what was the balance in Supplies on Jan 1.

b)            If the amount of ins expense is the jan 31 adjusting entry, and the original insurance premium was for one year, what was the total premium  and when was the policy purchased?

c)            If $2700 of salaries and wages was paid in Jan, what was the balance in salaries and wages payable at dec 31, 2011?

d)            If $1600 was received in jan for services performed in jan, what was the bal in unearned service revenue at dec 31, 2011.






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