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 __________ is a distribution by a corporation of its own stock to its stockholders.  



92)          __________ is debited as a result of a stock dividend.  



93)          A __________ is an increase in the number of outstanding shares of stock coupled with a proportionate reduction in the par value of the stock.  



94)          __________ is a corporations own stock that it has issued and later reacquired.  



95)          __________ of retained earnings are restrictions on retained earnings recorded by formal journal entries.  



96)          Losses from __________ are reported after net income from continuing operation and before extraordinary gains and losses on an income statement.  



97)          Extraordinary gains and losses are both __________ and __________.  




98)          Extraordinary items are reported net of their __________ effect.  



99)          __________ is the amount of a companys net income for each share of its outstanding common stock.  



100)       __________ is the companys change in total stockholders equity from all sources other than from its owners.  


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