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134.     Long-term planning for making and financing investments that affect financial results over more than one year

135.     A type of capital-budgeting model that focuses on cash inflows and outflows and the time value of money

136.     A discounted-cash-flow approach to capital budgeting that discounts all expected future cash flows to the present using a minimum desired rate of return

137.     The minimum desired rate of return based on the firm’s cost of capital

138.     A capital-budgeting model that determines the interest rate at which the NPV equals zero

139.     A capital-budgeting model that recognizes the value of contingent investments


140.     Used in capital budgeting, it shows the financial consequences that would occur if actual cash inflows, outflows, and project lives differed from those expected


141.     An approach that compares two alternatives by computing the differences in cash flows between alternatives and then converting these differences in cash flows to their present values

142.     A popular approach for comparing two or more alternatives, which can be used for any number of alternatives


143.     The tax rate paid on additional amounts of pretax income

144.     The number of years over which an asset is depreciated for tax purposes

145.     A pattern of depreciation that charges a larger proportion of an asset’s cost to the earlier years and less to the later years

146.     The method companies use to depreciate most assets under United States income tax laws


147.     The tax effect of a loss on disposal


148.     A nondiscounted-cash flows, capital-budgeting model that dovetails most closely with conventional accounting models of calculating income and required investment

149.     A nondiscounted cash flows model that does not measure profitability, but it provides a rough estimate of risk

150.     The time it will take to recoup, in the form of cash inflows from operations, the initial dollars invested in a project


151.            A follow-up evaluation of capital-budgeting decisions

152.     The decline in the general purchasing power of the monetary unit

153.     Quoted market interest rate that includes an inflation element


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