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13-54 Overhead Accounting for Control and for Product Costing The pickle department of a major food manufacturer has an overhead rate of $5 per direct-labor hour, based on expected variable overhead of $150,000 per year, expected fixed overhead of $350,000 per year, and expected direct-labor hours of 100,000 per year. Data for the year‚s operations follow: Direct-LaborOverhead Costs Hours Used Incurred* First six months 55,000 $262,000 Last six months 41,000236,500 *Fixed costs incurred were exactly equal to budgeted amounts throughout the year. 1. What is the underapplied or overapplied overhead for each six-month period? Label your answer as underapplied or overapplied. 2. Explain briefly (not more than 50 words for each part) the probable causes for the underapplied or overapplied overhead. Focus on variable and fixed costs separately. Give the exact figures attributable to the causes you cite.

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