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McCartney, Harris, and Hussin are dissolving their partnership. Their partnership agreement allocates income and losses equally among the partners. The current period\'s ending capital account balances are McCartney, $15,000, Harris, $15,000, Hussin, $(2,000). After all the assets are sold and liabilities are paid, but before any contributions to cover any deficiencies, there is $28,000 in cash to be distributed. Hussin pays $2,000 to cover the deficiency in his account. The general journal entry to record the final distribution would be

a)              McCartney, Capital        9,334      

Harris, Capital    9,333      

Hussin, Capital   9,333      

Cash                     28,000 

b)            Cash      28,000   

Hussin, Capital   2,000      

McCartney, Capital                         15,000 

Harris, Capital                   15,000 

c)            McCartney, Capital          14,000   

Harris, Capital    14,000   

Cash                     28,000 

d)            McCartney, Capital          15,000   

Harris, Capital    15,000   

Hussin, Capital                  2,000 

Cash                     28,000 

e)            McCartney, Capital         15,000   

Harris, Capital    15,000   

Cash                       30,000 

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