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Stephen Company has an established petty cash fund in the amount of $510. The fund was last reimbursed on November 30. At the end of December, the fund contained the following petty cash receipts:

December 4       Freight chare for merchandise purchased             $ 42

December 7       Freight charge for delivery to customer $ 64

December 12     Purchase of office supplies          $ 33

December 18     Donation to charitable organization         $ 40

If, in addition to these receipts, the petty cash fund contains $321 of cash, the journal entry to reimburse the fund on December 31 will include:

a.            A debit to Cash Over and Short of $10.

b.            A debit to Transportation-In of $106.

c.             A debit to Transportation-Out of $106.

d.            A credit to Cash Over and Short of $10.

e.            A credit to Office Supplies of $116.

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