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Motivational and incentive compensation practices that aim at winning the commitment of company personnel to good strategy execution typically

A.            Use only positive rewards and never involve the use of tension, fear, job insecurity, stress or anxiety

B.            Strike a middle ground – entailing decidedly positive rewards for meeting or beating performance targets but also imposing sufficiently negative consequences (if only withholding rewards) when actual performance falls short of the target (but the negative consequences of underachievement should not be so severe or demoralizing as to impede a renewed and determined effort to overcome existing obstacles and hit the targets in upcoming periods)

C.            Aim at creating a no-pressure/no-adverse-consequences work environment

D.            Entail paying the highest wages and salaries in the industry and also stressing non-monetary rewards for high-performing employees

E.            Put top priority on making employees happy and secure in their jobs

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